Kelly + Elder: It's Love [Fusion]!

As a photographer, I am constantly trying to find the most unique way to tell the story of our couple’s wedding days. We are so privileged to be allowed into the lives of our couples and to share with them such a special time of their life.

Our wedding albums, engagement books, wall portraits and slideshows are a wonderful way of bringing back the memories of our couples’ wedding day, and reminding them of all the details and special moments that they shared.

Like I said, though, we are always looking for new ways and new mediums to tell the story off our couple’s relationship and their wedding day. With the way that technology has been going, and how quickly it has been advancing, it has allowed us to do some pretty amazing things, not only with photography, but with other related mediums. And thus our “Fusion Sessions” were born.

What is “Fusion”, you ask? If you are a photographer and reading this, then you are probably familiar with the term – it is the combination of still photographs and video. Yup. Video!

We are by no means videographers, so please don’t interpret this the wrong way. We are not trying to replace the job of the videographers. Documentary videography is not what we are going after with our “Fusion” coverage. What our “Fusion” coverage is is a mix of our photographs and video-moments, captured throughout the day. The point of our “Fusion” is to better tell the story and make it come to life just a little bit more. We’re adding a third dimension, if you will.

We have been offering Fusion coverage to our couple’s for over a year now, and have provided such services to 10 of our couples from 2009. We now have even more of our couples who have added our Fusion-coverage to their wedding collection for 2010, which we’re really excited about!

We have kept this great option quiet, up until now, and have only been showing our couples who meet with us samples of our Fusion videos. But, we thought that it was about time to up-the-game, and show some of our new options to the world!

Below is a Fusion session that we had with Kelly and Elder. We did the video-moments throughout their engagement session, and, at the end, spent 10 minutes interviewing both Kelly and Elder to complete the look and feel of the final presentation. We’re really proud of this video, and are happy to finally be able to show it to you!

I hope that you enjoy it – would love to hear your feedback!]]>

Kelly and Elder: It’s Love! from Bryan Caporicci on Vimeo.

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  1. Deborah Murdoch says:

    Bcap. The video was incredible, but more importantly, the pictures took my breath away. You are more talented than you could ever know. I can’t wait to get married, so you can do my wedding. All the best and never give up on this… you’re meant to do it.

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