Portraits of Pelham: Monique Mulder-Wallace

As you may or may not know, Allison and I recently purchased a home in Fonthill, and so we have recently moved our home-based-studio to the wonderful city of Pelham.

We have discovered so many wonderful treasures, met so many amazing people and stumbled upon some incredible talent, here, in Fonthill. As an attempt to discover more, uncover more, and meet more, we have launched our new portrait project, Portraits of Pelham. You can check out our Portraits of Pelham website, over at www.PortraitsOfPelham.com.

Portraits of Pelham will feature portraits created of members of the community who reflect the essence and character of Pelham, whether it be through their volunteer commitments, their business contributions, or the unique nature of their personal vision. Each portrait will be taken โ€š”on-location”, in an environment that uniquely represents the individual, such as at their home or their place of business. Each portrait will be accompanied with a brief โ€š”biography” of this individual, explaining their place in the community.

My first Portraits of Pelham subject was Monique Mulder-Wallace, a local pottery artist, here in Fonthill.

Monique grew up in Oakville, and has always had a passion for pottery. As a little girl, she would spend her spare time practicing and perfecting the art of pottery. She has taught pottery classes all around the area while continuing to hone her own style. When Monique, her husband, her son and her daughter moved to Fonthill 7-years ago, she pursued a different path with regards to pottery. Instead of spending the majority of her time in the classroom, teaching the art, she decided to go full-time as a pottery artist, and create and sell unique pieces to the local community.

Monique has since had her work displayed in galleries all around Ontario, and also has pieces decorating the shelves ofโ€š “Reign Equestrian and Athletics” and “Butterflies Boutique”, right here, in Fonthill. Monique has also participated in the Pelham Art Festival, and plans to participate again this year.

Monique lives in a truly creative environment, her husband plays the guitar and paints beautiful, one-of-a-kind watercolour paintings, her son plays the guitar, piano and trumpet in the school and local band, and her daughter has her own line of jewellery, called “Fly Away Home Jewellery” and also plays piano and flute. It is no wonder that Monique is able to continually re-inspire herself to create the most beautiful pieces of pottery art!

I hope that you enjoy a few of the portraits that I created for her – starting with, of course, the “signature” portrait that was featured on Portraits Of Pelham.

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