Photography Education - Album Design seminar given through the Professional Photographers of Ontario

I have spoken a number of times about the role that I play in the photographic industry. As an educator and a leader for many other professional and aspiring photographers, I am joyed to teach and help other photographers get their businesses to an all-new level.

Along with my EnlightenMe partner, Robert Nowell, we are speaking at an upcoming Professional Photographers of Ontario meeting in Western Ontario. See below for the flyer.

The seminar we are giving is on “Album Design”. Buoyed by the success of our last “Album Design” seminar, we are excited to be able to give it again to a whole new crowd in Western Ontario.

If you are a professional photographer and would like to know more about album design, design fundamentals, how to do it quicker, better, and easier, this is the seminar for you! Registration details are below.

See you then!]]>

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