Niagara Wedding Professionals - Our Wedding - July 10th, 2010

In planning our own wedding over the past year and a half, we have really learned to appreciate not only all of the hard work and planning that our couples go through, but also the value of hiring wedding professionals whom we both trust and respect.

There are so many tiny little details to take care of for a wedding, and a lot of them can be very easily overlooked. It is also very easy to become overwhelmed when looking at everything all at once (I’ll admit that it’s happened a couple of times). When you hire professionals to take care of you on your wedding day that you know, trust, and have a great relationship with, all of the stress and worry disappears, and your perfect day can come to fruition.

We have learned this, and we have gone to the best in the industry to take care of us on our wedding day:

Pauline from MyBouquet (florals)
Angelica from Simply Beautiful Decor (decor/linens)
Anne Kelly from Inviting Elegance (invitations/stationary)
Maria and Rosanna from Ingenious Designs (favours)
Club Roma (reception)
Judy St. Angelo from Glamr Arist (make-up)
Joe and Vinny from Spirit of Sound (DJ)
Dave and Matthew from Niagara Classic Cars and Cabs (transportation)
Dave and Charlotte (photographers)

Without this amazing lineup of wedding professionals taking care of us, I don’t know where we would be. We are forever grateful for their hard work and professionalism. Thank you.

We met up with Angelica (Simply Beautiful Decor) and Mandy (MyBouquet) this morning to go over all of the final details for floral/decor. To say that we are “giddy” is an understatement! Everything is coming together so perfectly, and we couldn’t be happier.

Pauline even put together a bit of a sample bouquet/centerpiece for us. It isn’t final, as they still have to add some of our soft-pink colors, but it gives you an idea. They even let us take it home with us to adore and love. Here are a few photographs of it that I took on our (new) dining room table.

Less than 4 weeks to go and we will be Mr. and Mrs. Caporicci. How exciting! We love going through this with our couples, and once we have gone through it, we will have such a better understanding and appreciation for our future couples.

Have a great Monday!]]> Niagara Wedding and Portrait Photographer - Bryan Caporicci Photography
Niagara Wedding and Portrait Photographer - Bryan Caporicci Photography
Niagara Wedding and Portrait Photographer - Bryan Caporicci Photography

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