Speaking for the Professional Photographers of Ontario - Western Ontario Branch

I have talked on numerous occasions about my role in the photographic industry as an educator and an instructor, not only to up-and-coming photographers, but also to my fellow professional photographers. Robert Nowell and I have our own business, EnlightenMe, where we focus on one-on-one consultations with professional photographers, online tutorials, seminars and workshops. Our portfolio of speaking engagements and topics-of-speciality are ever-growing, and we are so appreciative and excited about all of the opportunities that we have had and continue to have.

We spoke, yesterday, on the topic of “Album Design” to the Western-Ontario Branch of the Professional Photographers of Ontario. Here is a quick testimonial that the Chairperson, Gilles Sweet-Boulay (LPPO) sent us:

Easy Peasy‚ĶThis phrase pretty much sums up what the job of album design can be. A big thank you goes out to Bryan Caporicci and Robert Nowell for their awesome seminar presented to the PPO Western Ontario Branch. It was amazing how much information they packed into their 3 hour seminar. They touched on workflow, proofing and pricing. They even simplified Adobe’s inDesign. No need to take a night course to learn this program. In about 30 minutes, Bryan showed us everything one needs to know to create great layouts using InDesign. They also shared with us 4 easy-to-remember design rules to make albums look professional without taking up a lot of your time. We got to see some of their beautiful photographs and they shared with us 15 photo ideas that can easily translate into 15 spreads in an album. This was a great program for anyone who feels anxious about designing an album or who want to increase profits by selling more pages in their album. I’d recommend these speakers to anyone. Well done guys!

What better feedback could we ask for? Thank you Gilles and the entire WOB branch! We appreciate the opportunity to speak at your Branch, and look forward to do so again in the future! ]]>

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