We're Back!

We’re back in the studio now, as Mr. and Mrs. Caporicci!

We had an amazing wedding day, and have so many thank-yous to send out to our family, friends, and professionals who helped make our dream wedding day a reality. We are going to dedicate a few blog posts in the next couple of weeks towards just that.

For now, though, we are back in the studio, happily married, nicely relaxed, and taking care of a laundry list of e-mails, phone calls and correspondence. To top it off, our studio-addition is well on it’s way, and should be finalized in the coming month. We’re very excited about that!

Thank you, everyone, for being so patient as we were away over the past few weeks, and thank you, also, for the well wishes on our wedding.

Chat with everyone soon!

Bryan and Allison Caporicci]]> Niagara Wedding and Portrait Photographer - Bryan Caporicci Photography

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