WPPI and my "Preferred Partners"

I am VERY particular (some call it anal) about the companies that I choose to work with in my business. I have a very high standard for quality and service, and need to be 100% confident in my preferred partners. The products that I offer my clients are the masterpiece of the photographs that I have taken for them, whether it be a portrait book, and album, a framed print, or a canvas gallery wrap. These products and finishing pieces are a reflection of me and my photography, and therefore, the preferred partners that I choose to create these products for me are very important. By choosing to deal with only the best companies, I, in turn, am able to offer my couples and clients the highest quality products in the industry.

I recently returned from the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) Convention in Las Vegas, and this convention is not only a great opportunity to learn and grow as a photographer, but also, with hundreds of suppliers at the tradeshow, I am able to keep a close eye on what is available to us as photographers, and I can see what products suppliers are providing.

I am very happy to say that, year after year, I leave WPPI with absolute certainty that I am STILL dealing with the best suppliers there are in our industry. This leaves me with total confidence that I am able to provide the highest quality of products for my couples and clients.

This past year, I had the honour of having one of my own engagement portrait books being displayed by my book supplier who do all of my portrait and engagement books. With thousands of clients, they chose me and my photographs to display at the WPPI tradeshow to over 15,000 of my fellow photographers.

Here is a photograph that the owner of the company, Jim, took of me, when I first saw that they were displaying my book. You can just tell how happy I am!

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!]]> Niagara Wedding and Portrait Photographer - Bryan Caporicci Photography

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  1. Serena Swan says:

    Thats wonderful! I really liked those photos so I’m not surprised. The light is breath taking.

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