Erin and Matt - Spread the Love!

Every year, I have the great pleasure of meeting 20 amazing couples. We grow our relationship from complete strangers to friends, and I get to spend a great amount of time with them, from their engagement session, to meetings here at the studio (always accompanied by delicious coffee, of course) and to planning out their special day. I then get to hang out with them, their family, and their friends, on the most important day of their lives together, and I have the honour of photographing them as their family of two begins. Often times, I am even given the opportunity to photograph them as they grow their family – maternity photographs, newborn photographs, children photographs and family photographs.

I am working on a new project, called “Spread the Love”, where we are reaching out and showing all of our potential couples what it is like to work with us. When you are first looking for your photographer, sometimes you initially think that you are just looking for someone to take pictures of your wedding day. Here, at Bryan Caporicci Photography, we are more than “picture-takers”. We focus on relationships, having fun, documenting special moments, and capturing those times in your lives where you are most happy.

In an attempt to show a bit of the “behind-the-scenes” here at the studio, we have had some of our couples come back to the studio to say a few words on camera for you. The simple fact that our couples are comfortable enough, and that they are so excited about their wedding photographs that they want to share their experience, says a lot to us. We are thankful to have such amazing couples to work with, and we are grateful that they are willing to come back and share their stories.

Over the next several weeks, keep your eyes peeled here at the blog as we update it with more videos and words from our past brides and grooms.

For now … here is Erin and Matt. They are getting married this coming September, at Rattlesnake Golf Course, in Milton. Watch as they share their experience at their engagement session, and show off their engagement book and photographs. Enjoy!

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