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I recently submitted four images and one album to the Professional Photographers of Canada National Image Salon. The National Image Salon is an annual photographic competition, where Canada’s top professional photographers submit images to compete with one another in a variety of categories.

I am very proud and honoured to say that three of my images and my one album were all accepted into the National Image Salon!

I have blogged, before, about competitions and the Professional Photographers of Canada. I am a firm believer that the only way to grow as a photographer and as an artist is to put my images up against other professionals in my industry, and to get constructive criticism and feedback. I submit my images to image competitions, and strive to become accredited in specific categories of photography not only so that my clients can have the confidence in hiring an award-winning photographer, but also so that I can grow to create better images for my clients. It’s all for you guys!

Below is a wonderful article that the editor from the Voice of Pelham, here in Fonthill, wrote about me, about the competition. Enjoy! ]]>Caporicci accepted into National Image Salon So what does if feel like to have three photographs accepted into the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) National Image Salon? Ask local photographer, Bryan Caporicci – he knows. Caporicci recently learned that three of his images (The Warmth, The Hue at Twilight, and Sweet Summer Breeze) were judged ‘accepted’ by the PPOC for its annual National Image Salon – a prestigious gallery of professional images. This year, the judging took place during the first weekend in April at Fanshawe College in London, and Caporicci was present to hear what the judges had to say. “Anything scored 80/100 is considered ‘accepted’, and it’s what most of the photographers are striving for when they submit their images,” says Caporicci. Furthermore, Caporicci says that to even submit one’s images is proof that a photographer is prestigious. He says that the images are judged against those submitted by peers, and that it’s a great way to receive constructive criticism and to grow one’s skills. “I’m very proud to have had three of my images accepted,” beams Caporicci. “To have even one accepted is both an honour and a privilege.” Always striving to be the best photographer he can, Caporicci is also working towards getting his Masters of Photographic Arts (MPA). He is very close to achieving that status, and when he does, he will be one of the youngest photographers in Canada to hold the designation. “As a photographer, I like to put my work in front of other professionals; that’s how I grow,” he says. “And when I grow myself as an artist, my clients reap the benefits.” Moreover, Caporicci says that his clients can be confident that they’ve hired a photographer who’s achieved a high level of professionalism. “Earning accreditations, gaining acceptance into the PPOC’s National Image Salon, and earning my MPA designation are successes that I voluntarily choose to pursue,” he says. Anyone interested in learning more about Caporicci’s photography may contact him at (289) 897-9523 or via e-mail at .


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