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Sarah Murrell from the Voice of Pelham, here in Fonthill, wrote this great article about my recent “25 Most Inspiring” award – take a read!

What’s the first thing a young woman does after being asked those four special words and receiving a diamond?

Well, after telling her closest friends and her mom, she usually begins looking at bridal magazines, and in today’s world, clicking on bridal websites.When today’s brides go looking for inspiration, ideas and a photographer to book one local business man will be top of the list at http://www.weddingbells.ca.

Local photographer, Bryan Caporicci has been named one of Wedding Bells magazine’s 25 most inspiring photographers.

“The definitive guide to our favourite Canadian wedding photographers of the year from coast to coast” according to Wedding Bells, was achieved by scouring the magazine’s archives for the prettiest real wedding photos. The field was narrowed to25 photographers based on reputation, attention to detail and the overall quality and creativity of the shots.

Wedding Bells staff write they love Caporicci because “this photographer excels at harnessing light and nature and using them to his advantage to create breathtaking wedding shots. He’s great at staging group portraits (perfect for large bridal parties) and capturing all the candid moments you’ll want to cherish after your wedding day.”

“Spot on,” was how Caporicci reacted to the magazine’s description of his photography, going on to explain he focuses on people, and moments, during a wedding and staff at Wedding Bells “totally connected” with what he strives to create.”It’s really nice for me to read that,” he says of the comments.

“Natural, pure, genuine, fun, relaxed,” is how Caporicci describes his style for shooting weddings.

The computer sciences major turned wedding photographer says his interaction with people and couples through is work gives him “lots of fulfillment and personal satisfaction.”

The most rewarding moment, he says, is handing the couple their wedding album and watching the couple see their photos in print for the first time. “It’s like magic,” he says. “That’s what wedding photography is about.”

The member of the Pelham Business Association Board of Directors says he was quite surprised to discover he’d been chosen, considering he had to check his own facebook page to get the news.

Caporicci says he was at a PBA meeting when the email announcements were sent out so he didn’t receive the notification right away, but his studio manager did. She put the news on his facebook page. When he got home from the PBA meeting, Caporicci says his wife congratulated him, and he had no idea what for, until he saw the facebook page and then checked his email.

Caporicci was featured in the magazine as one of the “Prettiest Real Weddings”, a section of the magazine and website that allows brides and grooms, photographers or other wedding vendors to submit photos of weddings. Of the photographers featured each year, Wedding Bells staff choose their favourites then narrow down the list by viewing the rest of the photographers’ portfolios.

Wedding photographer for publication, said Caporicci, is usually more focused on details – showcasing other wedding vendors as well – such as flowers, cakes and decor. Caporicci says he does shoot the details to include in a couple’s wedding album, but his focus is on people and capturing the bride and groom, and rest of the wedding, in the most natural and romantic way possible.

While he’s happy to be chosen, Caporicci said he is a little surprised too that his people-centred style has been recognized.

Caporicci says the recognition is great, but notes the listing is very time-sensitive, since website information is updated daily. Brides will visit the sight, and his website traffic went up immediately the day the blog was posted, but Caporicci says he’ll likely get more use from the distinction by using it as a marketing tool.

The photography business is largely a word of mouth business, he adds, so having couples he has photographed be able to tell friends about their experiences as well as the distinction, will also help.

Not that Caporicci needs much help getting business. He’s already fully booked in 2012, with 10 more weddings booked than his target, and has already started booking into 2013.

To see Caporicci’s work, visit bcapphoto.com. To see the 25 Most Inspiring Photographers of 2012, visit http://www.weddingbells. ca, and look for the Jan. 23 blog post under planning.

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