Ridley Testimonial Video

I sat down with Neal and Melissa, whose family portraits I photographed back in the Fall time. We had a very candid conversation about digital photography and the value in hiring a professional to photograph your family. They also said a few nice things about me and the photographs that I created for them.

If you’re reading this at work and can’t watch the video, here’s a transcript of what they had to say:

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Everybody has access to a camera now that it seems to be this “I’ll take my own pictures” and “I’ll snap this”, but it’s always ends up being “look at me and smile”. That’s not what life is all about though.

When you have your photos done professionally, you capture the being of the individual and you capture their character.

Bryan captured so many expressions and emotions that we see in the kids on a day to day basis, all because of his talent in photographing people.

We never had photos done of just the two of us except for our wedding so it was important for us to get our photos done together as part of the family. It was an expression of our love, and that’s where the family started.

We had both spoken to each other about wanting to get family photos done. Bryan was really great and we were extremely comfortable with him. As soon as we met him, he was more interested in our family. To get that great family photo, he needed to know who we were as opposed to just posing us and taking the picture. We¬†can’t say more about the experience.

Boys grow up very fast, time flies by quickly and life is busy. It was a great experience, and I’m glad that we got it done.


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