Golf Course Weddings

Being a photographer in Niagara, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph at so many beautiful locations – from wineries, banquet halls and hotels to golf courses and other great outdoor venues. I wanted to share a few of my favourite images from some weddings I have photographed the last couple of years at some local golf courses.

Last time I checked, in the entire Niagara Region there are 48 golf courses in total, all offering beautiful views and great backdrops for photos. Many golf courses provide an opportunity to host weddings, also, and as a wedding photographer, I’d like to share 7 reasons why I love golf course weddings:

  1. The course is regularly maintained, so it makes for well-manicured backdrops for photos. 
  2. Golf courses are usually designed to take advantage of the natural landscape where it is built, so the views are always breathtaking.
  3. There are usually many hills and dips throughout the course, so it allows me to take advantage of the sun at different times of the day for family, bridal party and bride and groom portraits.
  4. There is a lot of variety for pictures without having to go too far – bridges, water features, out-buildings, greenery, tall grass (where my ball usually ends up when I golf), and so on.
  5. Many couples chose to have their ceremony on-location with the golf course in the background, so a golf course wedding offers a great “all-in” option for brides and grooms looking to have their ceremony, pictures and reception at the same location.
  6. The food is usually excellent because the course is used to catering to their members and golfers.
  7. There is always ample parking for all guests since a course is set up to have hundreds of golfers coming and going throughout a typical day.
  8. Golfing in the morning before the ceremony is a great way for the groomsmen to hang out, have some fun and enjoy the weather.

Here are a few golf courses that I have personally photographed at in Niagara:

Legends in Niagara Falls
Peninsula Lakes in Fonthill (many of the photos on their site are ones that I took)
Lookout Point in Fonthill (ditto on the photos on the website)
Rockway Glen in Jordan
Hunter’s Pointe in Welland
Eagle Valley in Niagara Falls

Enjoy the gallery of images (above) of some of my favourite images taken at some local golf courses. The images cover different parts of a wedding day from the guys golfing in the morning, to the ceremony, to bridal party portraits and family portraits.

Speaking of golf courses, we created this great behind-the-scenes video for Peninsula Lakes last year where we showcased their “hidden heroes” of the course (the guys and gals who come in in the wee hours of the morning to prepare the course for the day). Check it out!

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