Photography is best enjoyed in print

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In the digital age that we live in, we have so much amazing technology at our fingertips, which is great to have (I’m a big techno-nerd). There are so many benefits to living a digital lifestyle – convenience, accessibility and reach for starters. We can keep in touch (and re-connect) with friends and family like never before.

That being said, I still¬†believe that photography is best appreciated and enjoyed only once it is printed. How romantic is it to sit behind a computer screen with your fianc√© and look at your engagement pictures? Or how nostalgic is it to sit on the couch with your kids and a laptop to flick through family pictures? Not very …


We are behind computers enough with work, our phones, GPSs, and so on. Something as important as pictures should be enjoyed distraction-free and without the limitations (and speed) that digital brings us.

We created this fun parody video commercial showcasing our point. – imagine a completely digital lifestyle and not being able to enjoy printed photographs? Pretty boring, wouldn’t you say? Not to mention the fact that the medium (discs and harddrives) that we store digital files on will eventually fail, go out of style or completely go out of market (much like the floppy disk).



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