Vintage Hotels Bridal Show

Friday night I shared a video that I created that showcases the value of the “printed photograph” and how I believe photography is best enjoyed in print. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, head on over to my YouTube channel and check it out here. Over the weekend alone it has gotten almost 1,000 views, so that’s pretty cool!

If you “Like” my Facebook Page then you probably know that yesterday I was at the Vintage Hotels Bridal Show at Queen’s Landing. I usually do not do wedding shows, but this is the only one that I do participate in year after year since I am a Vintage Hotels referred photographer.

I was asked by Angelica at Simply Beautiful Decor and Savanna from Vintage Hotels to come to the show early and photograph some of the rooms that they had set up as a “showcase” for the brides-to-be coming through. It’s always great for them to be able to “stretch” themselves creatively and have complete creative control for these set-ups, so of course they want to have that documented with photography. Here is a gallery of some of my favourite images from the show.


Funny enough, I was so busy all day talking with so many amazing brides that I didn’t end up taking a photo of my own booth (DOH!), but I’ll have a blog post coming up soon about what I was giving away, so check back soon!

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