Real-Estate Photography: Brookside Drive, Vineland

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There probably isn’t a time in your life when you are more overwhelmed with options and bombarded with choices then when you’re in the market to buy a home.

We are fortunate to have access to great resources such as but with that resource comes the daunting task of sorting through hundreds and hundreds of homes for sale in your area. You want to efficiently search through the homes and find the one that looks just right for you. In doing so, you click around quickly and make snap decisions based on first impressions.

There inlays the challenge for real estate agents when they’re listing a home. When a home is for sale, it will usually be presented to potential buyers (a-la by hundreds of other homes for sale, and as I mentioned, each home only gets a short amount of attention before the potential buyer either decides yay or nay.

You can see then how important that first impression is to the potential buyer when looking through homes online, and a big part of that first impression are the pictures of the home. We live in a very visual society where we are used to seeing beautiful imagery on a daily basis.

Really bad photos of a home can make the house actually look worse than it does in real-life whereas nicely done photos of a home will properly show the home in the best light possible (pun intended) and it will look very attractive to potential buyers.

It’s pretty obvious then why a Real Estate agent would want to hire a professional photographer to create images of the home that will help it sell. It can literally make or break a first impression which could (or couldn’t) lead to a sale.

It’s proven time and time again that having professional photographs of a home for sale will not only help the home sell quicker, but it’ll also usually for more money.

The other day, a local Real Estate Agent asked me to photographer one of her properties in Vineland, and I was happy to help her out. Here’s a few of my favourite images.[/columns]


If you know of any Real Estate Agents that would like to sell their homes faster, show off their homes more effectively and properly reach the right audience, I’d really appreciate you sending them my way!

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