Wedding Albums

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Last week I wrote a blog post talking about how I believe that photography is best enjoyed in print. I created a video that has gone viral over the past week, it seems as though the message behind the video is connecting with a lot of people’s philosophy, which is great!

The idea of enjoying photography in print is something that is deeply rooted in my beliefs and in my every day life. Allison (my wife) and I have a beautiful engagement book from our engagement portraits on the hutch in our living room and our wedding album is also proudly displayed. We have one of our favourite wedding portraits framed large on one of the walls in our living room, and we have various smaller portraits hanging and displayed in different areas around our home.

Being able to see these images all the time gives us joy as we go through our day-to-day lives because they remind us of happy times. That’s what photos do – they bring us back to the moment the picture was taken.

I carry this philosophy with me to my business and in the ways I offer my clients the ability to enjoy their photographs.

Every family should have a beautiful family portrait hanging in their living room and every bride and groom should have a keepsake wedding album to enjoy.

Sometimes brides and grooms can’t make it in to the studio to see the albums we offer first-hand, and so the next best option is to allow them to enjoy them over the internet. I created this short film, showing a few of the albums that we offer. Enjoy!

Check back in the coming weeks for a closer look into some more of the keepsakes that we offer.


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