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Photography Podcast Features

Notice: Geek-Zone Ahead!

You may know of my involvement in the photography educational industry – I have taught hundreds of photographers, I regularly host private one-on-one mentoring and I have co-authored a book for photographers. As such, in addition to the current, past and future clients who read my blog, I do have a large part of my audience consisting of photographers.

I try to keep everyone happy and so this particular blog post is geared towards photographers. It may be highly technical and so if you’re not overly interested in the creative or tech side of photography, you may wish to skip through to the next or previous blog post. Otherwise, enjoy and read on!

I have blogged (here and here) about my recent discovery of Fuji camera equipment, and my new “affair” with the mirrorless photography world. I love the simplicity of mirrorless cameras and in specific, how my Fuji makes me think and see as a photographer. I also certainly don’t mind it’s size, how easy it is to carry around, and of course the image quality is just amazing!

Since diving in with two feet and becoming obsessed with researching, testing, experimenting and putting my Fuji through the daily routine of a full-time photographer, I have been referred to as a bit of an “expert” in the mirrorless and Fuji world. As such, I have been asked to contribute to some popular photography websites as a guest blogger and have been asked to be interviewed on some photography podcasts. As you may know, I  always love having the opportunity to talk shop, be a bit of a nerd and share my story, and so I was happy to be involved.

To all my photogra-friends who hang out here on my blog, I wanted to share the interviews with you. Here is a link to my recent TWIP (This Week in Photography) interview, where the host, Frederick Van Johnson and I discuss mirrorless cameras, shooting with a purpose, and what the future of photography might look like. My other recent interview was with Andrew Hellmich on his Photography Business Exposed podcast, and here’s the link to the PhotoBizX interview.

I am a huge fan of furthering your education as a photographer, and I think that podcasts are a great medium. If you’re a photographer, I recommend that you check out these podcasts, and subscribe to them. Here is the link to TWIP in iTunes and Photo Biz Xposed in iTunes.

I will be speaking about my discovery of Fuji camera equipment, and how it’s inspired me as a photographer at the upcoming PPOC Hamilton/Niagara Photographer Showcase event on February 19th at Casablanca Winery Inn. If you’re interested in coming be sure to RSVP!

Maybe I’ll see you there, and if either way, enjoy the interviews!

P.S. On an unrelated note, enjoy the image above of our daughter, Ava, taken recently with my Fuji X-E2.

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