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Official Fuji X-Photographer Announcement


If you’ve been following my blog, my Facebook Page, of if you’ve been hanging out with me over on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll know that I have a big heart for Fujifilm. Fuji has completely sky-rocketed into the spotlight as of late with their popular X-Series mirrorless cameras. What makes them so popular? Two things in my mind makes them stand out right now – they are innovating and they are listening to their customers.


Photo Credit: Nataschia Wielink

I recently had the opportunity to speak about Fuji and mirrorless cameras in general to our local branch of Professional Photographers of Canada. I talked specifically about the merits of mirrorless cameras for professional photographers, and how it’s a trend that isn’t going away. There were over 125 photographers registered for the event, and the room was absolutely packed with professional photographers coming from as close as Niagara to as far away as Toronto.

The response from the event has been incredible – photographers loved the camaraderie that our branch of PPOC has, and everyone took advantage of the opportunity to network, socialize and check out some of the local suppliers.

Among those suppliers was Fuji – one of the event sponsors. Jerry and Evan were in attendance with all of their latest and greatest cameras, lenses, flashes and accessories. Especially after my presentation on mirrorless and how we as professionals can take advantage of this technology, their table was swarmed!

I’d also like to send a big thank-you to our other sponsors for the event, and for making the evening such a huge success:


Photo Credit: Nataschia Wielink

Speaking of Fuji, mirrorless and professional photographers, I wanted to take this opportunity to officially announce that I have been sponsored by Fujifilm and am among great company in their worldwide ambassador program as a Fuji X-Photographer.


The X-Photographer program, as defined on FujiFilm.ca:

The X-Photographers website is an online gallery of images shot by photographers who use FUJIFILM X series cameras. It displays the high quality output and creativity that X series cameras offer photographers.

Launched on 20th June 2012 with images from 43 photographers from 11 countries, Fujifilm now has 142 featured photographers from 36 countries, covering 5 continents. The website shows the EXIF data of the images featured, along with a Photographer profile and their comments. Visitors get a true feel for what X series premium digital cameras can offer and why they are loved by so many photographers.

I’d like to send a thank-you to Evan, Jerry, Helen and Billy (@FujiGuys) from Fuji for the opportunity and for allowing me to spread the word about Fuji and how professional photographers can take advantage of their amazing cameras.

To Fuji – keep innovating, listening, and there will be great opportunities for you in the bags of more and more photographers as the X-Series cameras evolved and gain more traction.


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