“As my client, you will feel confident and proud when you see your boudoir portraits. I will create images for you that have a sense of warmth, intimacy and playfulness.”

There are many reasons you may be interested in a boudoir portrait session. Perhaps you recently got back into shape after having children, and you’d like to celebrate your accomplishments. Maybe you are engaged, and you want to to capture the beauty that your fiancé tells you he loves every day. Maybe you are proud of the woman that you are and you’d like to create a collection of images that shows off your playful and intimate qualities. Whatever your reasons are for being interested in boudoir portraits, I applaud your courage, and I would be honoured to be a part of the journey with you.

In January, I will be running a special promotion for boudoir portraits. If you are interested in receiving information about this promotion, please leave your name and e-mail address below. Feel free to also check out my boudoir portfolio at the bottom of this page.

“Bryan’s laid back attitude and great sense of humor put my nerves to rest and made the experience a really fun and comfortable one!”

– Courtney W

I am an accredited photographer with the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) in over 10 categories, including both boudoir photography and modelling portfolio, and as such, I have proven my technical, compositional and artistic approach to boudoir photography in front of a panel of judges. You can rest assured that I will treat your session with utmost respect. My professional yet laid back approach sets the stage for a relaxed session where you can be yourself in a comfortable environment.

I believe boudoir portraits are about capturing intimacy and warmth, but I also love to create images that have a playful energy to them. Ultimately, I believe in simple imagery and pure authentic moments. I believe that portraits should portray people being their true selves.

2014 Boudoir Promotion

The two dates available for our 2014 Boudoir Promotion are January 31st and February 1st. Your session will take place in a deluxe suite at White Oaks Hotel and Resort. Sessions are available in one-hour increments, from 11:00am – 4:00pm.

The $250 fee includes your one-hour session and five retouched digital files or five 4×6 prints. If you bring or refer a friend who books the session before or after you, you will each save $50.

Book now below, as spots will fill up quickly. This will be the only boudoir promotion in 2014. There will be no overfill days due to limited availability.

“One of the youngest photographers in Canada to receive their Craftsman of Photographic Arts”

– Professional Photographers of Canada

I photograph boudoir portraits exclusively on-location, usually in an arranged deluxe suite at one of my partnered local luxury hotels. Some clients, however, opt to have me photograph them in the their home, which will create a feeling of familiarity and comfort in the images. I always photograph with natural window light to keep the flow of a session as natural as possible, so a daytime session in a room with large windows is preferred.

I approach every session differently, depending on who your images are for, and what you’d like to portray. In the gallery below, you’ll see some images that are full of rich, warm, romantic tones, some that are more intimate and dramatic, and others still that are toned black and white to portray a feeling of drama, playfulness or simplicity.