“As my client, I will collaborate with you to create images of you in your element that visually connects with your clients in a warm and welcoming way.”

Business is personal, and no one understands that more than I do. I’m an entrepreneur who is very familiar with the mechanics of running a business and am actively involved in the local business community. Through these experiences and as business coach, mentor, teacher and author, I have learned that we have to cultivate deep personal relationships with our prospects to win business in the new economy. You’ve probably heard the saying that “people buy from people that they know, like and trust”, and so what better way to build trust and establish a rapport than by putting a face to your name.

Most of today’s marketing messages are competing for attention with the likes of social media, busy advertising messages and high-quality visual stimuli. You need to communicate in a very personal and unique way to stand out from the crowd. Having the same studio business portrait with the same studio backdrop as the business owner down the road doesn’t accomplish this; you’ll simply blend into what everyone else is doing.

“I aim to portray warmth and comfort in a familiar and welcoming environment.”

I approach business portraits the same way that I would approach any other type of portrait session. I aim to portray warmth and comfort in a familiar and welcoming environment. I like to be involved in the process when planning a business portrait with my clients, and often get involved in helping to develop the messaging. What are you trying to convey? What do you want your clients to know about you? What is most important to them? Once we discuss this, I will collaborate with you to plan where we’ll be photographing your portraits, and this is usually where your clients are used to seeing you. If you’re a retailer, this would likely be your place of business, if you’re a contractor, this might be at a job site, or if you’re an interior decorator, maybe this would be in a warm, comfortable living room type of environment.

Most of the time, the space that we chose for your session will not be designed for photography, and so it is my job to make it look it’s best in your images. I bring with me auxiliary lighting equipment, specialty lenses and a discerning eye for showing off your space in the best way possible.