We communicate every day with pictures. Pictures help us share our experiences with others, help us tell stories and allow us to remember where we were at a specific point in our lives. A picture is not just a moment captured in time, it is a glimpse into the past. It gives us a way to travel back in time and remember those who we loved the most, and who they were when the picture was taken.

We are fortunate to live in a world where we are surrounded by pictures every day. Digital cameras are almost always by our side and we are able to easily document our memories. Cameras have evolved from a piece of equipment that required an incredible amount of training to use into the amazing tools that they are today that allows us to simply point-and-shoot and get great pictures.

The camera only does what you tell it to do. You have to know what to tell it.

Like any tool though, the camera only does what you tell it to do. You have to know what to tell it. On top of that, I want you to love taking pictures, I want you to take great pictures and I want you to be able to enjoy the process of taking pictures.

This is why I am bringing back my “Basics-of-Photography” class by popular demand. I am opening up registration for two classes – an in-class seminar and an on-location shooting workshop. Details and dates are below.

Thursday, March 27th – In-Class

This class will run from 6:30pm – 9:00pm at my studio in Fonthill. This will be a seminar-style class, and we will discuss the basics-of-photography such as:

  • Compositional elements – the basics.
  • What makes a good image?
  • How to buy a camera – what to look for?

I will also share my 10 most challenging situations to photograph in, and how you can get the most out of them. Some of these topics will include how to best photograph children running around, how to take better pictures when you’re indoors, how to get pleasing pictures in the sun, how to take flattering group pictures and how to take breathtaking landscape pictures while on vacation.

If there is interest, we may go into the technical theory (shutter speed, ISO, aperture) as well. This will depend on the level of experience of everyone in the class, based on a survey I will send out to all attendees.


Saturday, March 29th – On-Location


This on-location class will run from 10:00am – 12:30pm outdoors at a local park. This will be a hands-on class where we’ll have some “models” arranged to photograph, and I will walk through the “how to” and the thought-process behind taking great pictures. You are invited to bring your own camera as well so that I can help you specifically with your equipment.

Registration for each class is limited due to space. RSVP today (below) to guarantee your spot.

The fee is $145 per class, or $275 for both.

Bonus: The first 10 registrations will receive a FREE image critique with me. Once registration is closed, I will send an link to a private page where you can “submit” your three favourite images. I will provide you a critique in writing, giving my thoughts on what I love about them, how I feel you can improve the images, or things to look out for next time.

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