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Marketing has changed as we know it. Businesses are turning to social media and other relationship-based marketing efforts to better reach and connect with their audience. Gone are the days where you can “hide” behind a company logo or a big corporate name. Consumers today want to see you and get to know you, and that’s why Facebook Pages, Twitter and Blogging has taken off like it has.

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I meet a lot of business owners every day from all different industries – home renovations, trades, business coaching, artists, retail, corporate, and so on. I haven’t ever run into any business owner or executive that couldn’t benefit from personifying their brand. Simply put, there isn’t a business that I can think of that wouldn’t benefit from having a great portrait that truly represents them; who they are and what they do.

My idea of a “business portrait” is not to put someone in front of a muslin backdrop, throw a bunch of intimidating studio lights in front of them, put them into an awkward pose and have them “say cheese” for me. That’s how most executives or owners are used to having their portrait taken, but my question is, what makes that portrait unique or special? What does it say about you? Are you implying that you are “just like everybody else”, or that you don’t care enough about putting your face out there to have something fun or unique created? I doubt that’s the case …

My idea of a “business portrait” is to capture you being you in a natural and comfortable environment, in a way that is uniquely you. A lot of the time that means that I travel to my clients’ place of business and photograph them on-location. I’ve shared many sessions in the past like this, and it’s the very basis of my “Portraits of Pelham” promotion with the Pelham Business Association.

What about someone who just needs a plain “headshot” thought? Something that is intended for web use, where the image will be so small that it needs to be tight, up-close and without much background? No problem, I say! I still take the same approach … I photograph headshots in a way that is natural, comfortable, warm and welcoming (and without those giant studio lights).

Here’s a session that I had with Brandt yesterday. He came to the studio (which is designed to look like a comfortable living room) and we photographed him around the studio and in my office. There were no big lights, backdrops, or anything else that you’d typically associate with a “studio”. Instead, there were couches, chairs and windows. We had fun, we laughed, we joked, and we had a great time. As a result, we created some great portraits for Brandt that show off his personality, his wit and his sense of humour.

Check him out. Oh, and by the way, if you’re looking for a personal trainer, Brandt is a pretty rad dude!


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  1. My idea of portrait is the one that you will be going to studio and have those big lights all focused on you. And there is always an awkward feeling. But it seems that the photo you’ve shared is quite different. It seems that he is enjoying the photo shoot.

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