Voice of Pelham Column – Article #2

Picture Primer Tip
Voice of Pelham Column – Article #2

I know that I am a week behind, but I am working on getting caught up! I blogged the other day about my new Picture Primer Photo Tips that I’m writing as a column for the Voice of Pelham.

Here’s last week’s column, about taking better pictures inside with a window light.

I also blogged this tip on the Huffington Post here if you’re interested in reading another perspective. Enjoy!

Picture Primer Photo Tips
Originally published in the Voice of Pelham, April 24th, 2013

Our eyes are pretty amazing – we can see a lot of light and a lot of darkness all at the same time. For example, when we are outside on a sunny day, our eyes can see both grass that is glistening in the sun, as well as the grass that is in the shade from a large tree. Our eyes have the ability to quickly adjust and allow us to see both the bright grass and the darker grass at the same time.

Cameras aren’t the same way, unfortunately. When your camera exposes correctly for the grass that is being hit by the sun, whatever is in the shade will appear very dark or possibly even completely black. When your camera exposes correctly for the grass that is in the shade, whatever is being hit by the sun will appear very bright or possibly even completely white.

A common scenario that we’re faced with when photographing indoors is using windows in our pictures. The best way to photograph indoors with a window is to move so that the window is beside you, and turn your subject to face you (see diagram)

Now, the window will be beside your subject, and will nicely light them. You also won’t have something significantly brighter in the background now, and so you will end up with an evenly lit portrait.

Here is a video example of this:

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