Karen and Phil

Intimate Couple's Portraits for "Mom" and "Dad"

The saying goes “the shoemaker’s kids have no shoes”, and I think that this is often the case with photographers – “the photographer’s family has no photos”.  Professional photographers  believe in the value of photography and the emotional impact that a portrait can have, but many of us simply forget to get in front of the camera ourselves. In fact, because we are the ones usually taking the pictures at family functions, events, and so on, we are rarely photographed together at all as a family to begin with.

This is something that I have personally made a conscious effort to avoid. I want to have photos of myself with my family and I want to be able to look back at images and enjoy pictures that I am actually in. This isn’t to say that I  necessarily love having my picture taken, but I believe that we don’t necessarily take pictures for today and sometimes we don’t even taken them for ourselves. I believe we photograph for the future and for our future generations to enjoy. Photography captures people for who they are today, and that’s worth documenting and cherishing.

I blogged a while ago about our experience as a “client” for another professional photographer, and how much we valued our experience with our newborn photographer, Jennifer Blakeley. We have since had a portrait book designed and printed from our session, and we have multiple wall portraits hanging in our home that we enjoy every day. It makes me appreciate photography from a whole new perspective. Certainly we will be continuing to invest in photography for our family as we grow, change and expand.

I always appreciate when professional photographers invest in photography themselves as a “client” and take the time to be photographed with their loved ones. This was the case recently when fellow photographer Karen Byker, of Reflections of Life Photography contacted me to have some genuine, romanic and intimate portraits created for her and Phil, her husband of 8 years. Karen is an incredibly talented newborn, child and family photographer from Grimsby, and it was an honour to have had the opportunity to create these portraits for her and Phil.

Life with children is busy (I can attest to this now), and so in the busyness of having a young family, Karen and Phil were looking for a quiet session of just the two of them to re-connect as a married couple. They asked me to create portraits for them that showcased the deep love that they still have for each other. It was my pleasure to spend an evening with Karen and Phil and observe the intimate relationship they share and create these images for them.

You see – couple’s portraits aren’t just for engaged couples. I truly believe that every couple, no matter what age or family dynamic should spend the time to be photographed together. After all, every family starts with just two people in love, right?


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