Kind words from Amanda and Peter

Wedding photography testimonial
Kind words from Amanda and Peter

I received a really nice e-mail from Amanda and Peter who took it upon themselves to write me up a testimonial. They said that they were so pleased with their wedding photographs that they wanted to do something nice for me in return. They are too sweet! Have a read below.

Bryan Caporicci was absolutely the right choice as a photographer for our wedding.  From our very first meeting, Bryan made us feel comfortable with his friendly personality and by patiently answering all of our questions.

Bryan is organized, efficient, creative and passionate about his craft – a very difficult combination to find!

Throughout the wedding process, he was able to advise us in his professional opinion what he thought would be best, while taking into account the vision we had for our wedding.  Our families, friends and bridal party were completely impressed with him.  He made everyone feel at ease with his calm nature and organization during family photos.  He was a class act at our wedding.

He blended in like he was one of the guests, and we didn’t even notice him taking most of the candid shots! We can’t stop looking at our pictures. 

The pictures he took truly capture everything we want to remember about that day, and we’re able to relive those memories and feelings when we look at his pictures.  We can’t thank him enough for his professionalism and talent.  We would recommend Bryan to all of our closest friends.

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