Local photographer earns 3 new distinctions

Voice of Pelham Article
Local photographer earns 3 new distinctions

Written by Tina Chivers, Voice Staff

When Bryan Caporicci captures images, he also captures the attention of professional judges. The local photographer recently earned three new professional distinctions by having a trio of images accepted into the Provincial Image Salon. The Image Salon is one of the cornerstones of the Professional Photographers of Canada, The salon showcases the best of the best. The most creative, the newest and most cutting edge, the finest technically executed, and the list goes on.

This group of images displays the level of excellence that Canadian photographers have achieved. “My clients always love their images; I am a professional photographer with a relined skill in creating beauty from any situation and in capturing real, pure and genuine emotion,” said Caporicci. The personal attachment that my clients have to their photographs naturally creates an emotional connection.” However, Caporrici realizes that, as a photographer, having clients who love their images doesn’t give him any room for improvement – artistically and technically.

“Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love having clients who love their images, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world, but as a photographer, I am constantly looking for ways to improve myself so that can do an even better job for my clients.” Caporicci says.

Caporicci attends myriad workshops and seminars (and he even teaches some himself) that are geared towards improving his skills as a photographer and a storyteller. But according to Caporicci, he’s found an even better way to improve his imagery, and that is by having his images critiqued by his peers. “Putting my work in front of other experienced professional photographers who have a discerning eye for composition, lighting, posing and other photographic and storytelling aspects has been instrumental to my growth as a photographer, he said. “Having feedback from an objective, third-party, skilled individual who has proven him/herself as a master of photography shows me points of improvement so that I can go out and create more impactful imagery.”

If you’ve ever had any-thing judged or critiqued, you’ll know that it certainly isn’t the easiest thing to have done, as you are basically asking someone to “pick apart” your hard work.” He said. “However, I’ve found that if you can approach the process with an open mind, you can come out on the other end having learned some valuable lessons.”

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