What makes a good picture?

Tips when hiring a wedding photographer

Today’s blog post is a continuation of this blog post in my series “Wedding Photography Tips” for engaged couples planning a wedding looking for the right wedding photographer for them.

The biggest factor to consider when hiring your wedding photographer may surprise you. It’s not the camera that the photographer uses, what their Facebook page looks like or how many hours of coverage they’ll give you. Remember that it is the photographer who makes the picture, therefore, it’s all about the photographer. That is the most important factor to consider when hiring a photographer. The person who will be using the camera.

bc-info-week1bThis is where many couples make their biggest mistake. They assume that a photographer is a photographer, and that as long as they have good equipment, they’ll be able to do a competent job at photographing their wedding. I know that this isn’t you, but it is a common misconception that often leads to a couple not loving their photos.

A good camera takes a nice picture no more than a good hammer builds a nice house. This almost sounds silly to say, but we all know that a “tool” like a hammer doesn’t build a house – it’s the expertise, knowledge, experience and craftsmanship of the contractor that does. Similarly, a “tool” such as a camera doesn’t make the picture – it’s (again) the expertise, knowledge, experience and craftsmanship of the photographer.

A wedding day is arguably one of the most difficult events to photograph – constantly changing environment and lighting, tight timelines, lots of people, crowds to work with and the pressure that you only have one chance to get it right. To top that off, every photographer’s vision and approach will be slightly different. Therefore, not only is it important to find a photographer who specializes in photographing weddings, but also, connecting with the unique style of your photographer is incredibly important.

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