Print to Preserve

Photography is best enjoyed in print

It has been almost a year to the date since I wrote this blog post and shared the video I created showcasing (in a funny way) the importance of enjoying photography in print. The video went semi-viral last year and has since had over 6,000 views on YouTube. and I wanted to re-surface it to remind everyone of the importance of printing your photography.

The message is still as relevant today as it was the day I created the video. Photography is best enjoyed in print, and I believe in that through and through. Personally, my wife and I make literally hundreds of prints every month of our family as our daughter Ava grows and changes. Professionally speaking, this is also a conversation I have every day with my clients and potential clients. I always ensure that my brides and grooms, family portrait clients and boudoir clients end up with a beautiful tangible product – something they can see, touch, hold, and feel. Even more important than the tactile properties, we create something for clients that they can proudly display in their home and enjoy every day of their life.

Speaking of wall portraits, you may also remember this video that we created, showing the “behind-the-scenes” of what goes into a typical portrait session and the creation of a finished piece. I thought that I’d also share this video that shows off our wedding albums and this video that shows off our engagement books.

Enjoy the videos, and remember … print to preserve!




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