“After seeing the photos, I really feel like I was captured at my best. I feel strong & beautiful.”

– Alicia A

I photograph boudoir portraits exclusively on-location, usually in an arranged deluxe suite at one of my partnered local luxury hotels. Some clients, however, opt to have me photograph them in the their home, which will create a feeling of familiarity and comfort in the images. I always photograph with natural window light to keep the flow of a session as natural as possible, so a daytime session in a room with large windows is preferred.

I approach every session differently, depending on who your images are for, and what you’d like to portray. In the gallery below, you’ll see some images that are full of rich, warm, romantic tones, some that are more intimate and dramatic, and others still that are toned black and white to portray a feeling of drama, playfulness or simplicity.