Your life is full of defining moments. These are milestones that mark a chapter in your story.

You are interested in boudoir portraits because you’d like to celebrate a defining moment. Maybe you’re doing it for your spouse, maybe you’ve reached a big goal, or maybe it’s to simply celebrate your beauty.

Whatever your reason, this moment deserves a pause.

This moment. Right here. Right now. It needs punctuation. It needs breathing room. Because if you don’t celebrate it, it will fade.

You see, photography is a vehicle. Imagine hearing a song from your teenage years, and how it might bring you back to that time of your life. It would remind you of all the people that were in your life and the things you had going on.

An image is a window into the past. An opportunity to re-live a moment and experience the feelings you had when the image was created.

You have so much to celebrate, and your story deserves to be told. Let me tell you why I might be the right person to help you with that.