I’ve been a professional photographer for over ten years.

As a husband and father of three, I have experienced some of the most beautiful defining moments that life can offer. And I know just how quickly time can pass. It moves forward without concern or consideration. Time is relentless. Eventually, it dims the feelings you experience while you’re in a moment, leaving them as only a faint, distant memory.

I’d love to be your guide in helping you tell your story and celebrate this moment with you.

“One of the youngest photographers in Canada to receive their Masters of Photographic Arts”

– Professional Photographers of Canada

P.S. Here’s a fun fact – not only am I a professional photographer, but I teach, too! I get the opportunity to speak to, teach and inspire tens of thousands of photographers around the world about photography every year. I help them take better photos, connect with their clients more deeply and make a greater impact with their work.