“Looking at these pictures makes me feel confident in my own skin, makes me feel beautiful and proves to me that I can do anything.”

– Danielle P

You are a historian.

Every day, you are taking another step forward and creating a legacy. Piece by piece. Your story deserves to be told. Your moments deserve to be paused.

You are interested in boudoir portraits because you’d like to celebrate a defining moment. Maybe you’re doing it for your spouse, maybe you’ve reached a big goal, or maybe it’s to simply celebrate your beauty.

Either way, by celebrating this moment through photography, you are choosing to exist. To exist in the moment. To exist in photographs. Good for you!

From your boudoir session, we will collaborate to create a beautifully finished piece together, typically a small, intimate, coffee-table style book. Printed photographs are the best way to tell your story and the only way for your images to stand out and creating meaning in the sea of digital noise and split-second insta-photos.

Our on-location boudoir session fee (2-hours) is $375.

“Bryan’s laid back attitude and great sense of humor put my nerves to rest and made the experience a really fun and comfortable one!”

– Courtney W